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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

We love people praising Chavez around the world

Yes we love them. We love how they praise the Caudillo. How they claim they would march for him, die for him or such. How they claim that Venezuela is in it's best stage. That Chavez has done nothing but good to it's people.

We love this people specially for the fact that they do not live or have lived in Venezuela first hand, yet they are experts in the matter.

To all of you, we salute you, and we promise to disproof your claims one by one, piece by piece. That's right, we where just being Ironic, yet you should've known by the title of our blog.

Chavez and his government are full of crap, but you, yes you who defend him while living in the joy of your non oppressive, totalitarian ruling (for the most part). to all of you we extend the invitation to come and live, not visit for a couple of weeks, but live, get a job and try to subsist in the wonderful Venezuelan economy.