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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Red Pepper again.

It looks like pepper is going to become a nice source of material for this blog. His ranting are so amazing that I am only going to talk about one more of them today so I can pace out my postings a little better.

The link in question: http://redpepper.blogs.com/venezuela/2007/06/legislators_pre.html

I'm not going to quote pepper on this pot to keep it simple and I realize whoever reads it can just click on the link and understand what I'm talking about.

Well on his post, Pepper never you questioned how this two National Assembly Chavistas had recordings of a private telephone conversation. Let's not get into what the conversation was about yet, but let's focus for a moment in the proven fact that the Venezuelan Government is actively recording and monitoring conversations of their opponents. I can't find what to say about your disregard for this direct attack to democracy and freedom. Let me repeat, these people had their private conversation, between husband and wife, RECORDED.

But, lets skip this for the sake of argument. Lets assume this is completely legal and normal so we can focus in what they are taking about. The conversation between Marquina and his wife is a conversation that is very similar to a conversation I've had with several friends and family. I'm I a conspirator too? Well, according to you, Desiree, Calixto and Chavez, I am a fascist, golpist, terrorist extremist sent by Bush, Washington and the CIA.

But was this conversation stating that the students are zombies controlled by Washington and opposition politicians, or...maybe, just like my conversation, Marquina & his wife were stating the point that this spontaneous protest by the student body needed to be kept a civil protests with no ties to the politicians so that the government couldn't discredit them the way they are discrediting them because of their supposed tie with the politicians?

Yes, we could go on and on about the politicians acting as if they are not involved but are involved by acting that they are not involved etc etc etc. Now, in the conversation, do you really see any hard evidence of the involvement of the politicians in the protests? I certainly can't, all I see is evidence of the unlawful invasion of privacy by the Venezuelan government as well as two people sharing my same sentiment of the importance of keeping these protests away from politics so that the Chavez government and people like you, can't discredit them as a new coup attempt.

I think Chavez loves to invent this coup so then he can claim they fail so he can feel better about his failed attempts on 1992.