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Thursday, June 7, 2007

The lack of arguments

Bart Jones seems to be the omnipotent know it all which all chavistas quote in order to defend Chavez decision to close down RCTV.

I just stumble across another blog citing Jones's words although I must say this is one of the worst since it doesn't do anything other than repeat Bart's words

The Link: http://elemming2.blogspot.com/2007/06/hugo-chavez-versus-far-right-tv.html

All his argument is based that if an American station would've participated in a coup, the station would've been shut down and it's owners would've been thrown to jail. I am going to start sounding as repetitive as Chavez supporters but really, they don't give me much to work with. I am going to explain this person, once more, why Chavez move is direct abuse of power, is not justified by any means and is just a political movement he needs for his revolution.

Gary, let's start by saying that you are right when you say that if something like that, participating on a coup, should be punished. We can definitely agree on that. But I have a problem understanding why this TV station owners were never tried for their involvement in such coup. I also have a problem understanding why only one of the stations got closed down and not the other three. Actually, let's talk about Venevision (channel 4) who's license was also up for renewal and who had the same exact level of participation as RCTV (channel 2 that got closed down) but got it's license renewed with no problem (other than the fact that it didn't get it for 20 years as the law stipulates but for 5, when Chavez will be up for reelection again). Could it be that Venevision's owner had a private meeting with Chavez and after it the station suddenly stopped it's opposition tone and Chavez stopped calling it an imperialist, conspiratorial network? Shouldn't all stations that participated be measured under the same rule? And shouldn't this measure have a due process with a trial, and a judge...or maybe, just maybe, shouldn't this not renewal of the license come from the organization (CONATEL, think of th FCC) in charge of this sort of things?

Really Gary, you need to understand that when you call yourself a Liberal, you are implying that you think for yourself, and quoting some other person's work, without even trying to make a point doesn't say much about your capabilities to analyze a problem or situation.

I'm just going to stop this post right here cause if Gary, or someone else, wishes to see more evidence about how this decision is a completely anti democratic decision by nothing more than a ruthless totalitarian thug, they can read all the posts I have in this site as well as thousands of posts found on the links I have in this blog that explain with detail this issue.

Before I go, I am going to say that I wish to find a blog that can truly make a point when defending this closing station by Chavez issue. Really people, you need to do better than quoting Bart if you want to really be taken seriously.