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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

vamos pa la calle (Let's go to the streets)

The video below caught my attention when they show the text: "No a la violacion de la autonomia Universitaria" which translates to: No to the violation if the University's autonomy, more or less.

The video is simple. It shows a montage of pictures of the student protests that are happening in Venezuela in rejection of the closure of the tv station RCTV. But that quote brought up an interesting point I was already dwelling about in my free time: If this protests lead to nowhere, is the Government going to go after the Universities?

We already have Chavez on tape stating that crisis are a necessary evil and that sometimes, one must generate such crisis in order to achieve a greater good. Now, when he said this, he was referring to the events of April 11, that resulted in the failed coup to which he now victimizes himself on any chance he gets. To make my point a little clearer, Chavez basically said that he was responsible for setting in motion the events that gave him power to prosecute every major opposition person or institution like for instance: RCTV, which, according to the government, didn't get it's license renewed because of their participation on the coup. He basically said that they threw the bait, and we caught it.

Fine, so they got us that time and it sucks till today. But couldn't the government be doing the same thing in order to have a "legitimate" reason to attack the universities, which is the only institution that Chavez has been unable to control since he control all the other institutions in Venezuela...well except the CTV (Confederacion de trabajoders de Venezuela, I translated in an earlier post to something like Workers Association of Venezuela), who he couldn't control but instead ended up creating it's counterpart completely adept to his government the "Union National de Trabajadores, UNT" (National Workers Union).

If Chavez was able to close a TV station because of their alleged participation on a coup, and now they are assuring that this protests are being generated by university owners, how long will we need to wait to have our first private University either closed or expropriated on the grounds of their alleged participation in the mega-ultra-super-usa backed-cia controlled-alien-conspiracy against Chavez?

Is the Chavez Government really playing us for fools...again?